Anti Slavery Policy

Willing care state we have no acts of modern slavery within our organisation, but we recognise we need to be vigilant and committed to driving out potential acts of modern slavery from our supply chain.

Accounts managers will continually monitor the level of management control required.

We'll make reasonable endeavours to ensure employees and workers aren't subject to any form of forced compulsory or bonded labour in our supply chains. Employees should have freedom to terminate their employment at any time without penalty giving reasonable notice.

We'll not knowingly support or deal with any business involved in slavery or human trafficking.

Willing care will ensure adequate resources (training and administration etc) and investment to ensure slavery and human trafficking isn't taking place within our organisation.

We've a zero tolerance of any threat of physical or sexual violence, harassment or intimidation against employees and their families.

Employees won't suffer any detriment to their salary or benefits unless it falls under our terms and conditions of the employment contract.

All our employees are treated fairly and equally, they are paid at least the national minimum wage and salary payments are made directly to employees and will not be delayed, deferred or withheld. Only deductions, advances or loans authorised in law are permitted with the employee fully aware of the circumstance.

Our employees won't be forced to work in excess of the number of hours permitted in law. Normal working hours and overtime won't exceed 48 hours per week average unless the employee agrees.