Mental Health Jobs

Are you a qualified mental health nurse? Whether you're returning to the profession after time away or are simply looking for a change of jobs, the Willing Care team will match you with roles that are better suited to your skills and requirements.

It can be difficult, especially online, to find the right mental health jobs that suit you – not only do you have to sign up for numerous recruitment websites (who often don't specialise in healthcare) you will have to trawl through hundreds of job ads,alerts and e-mails in order to find something suitable – with no guarantee of an interview.

But what if your online searching was done by signing up to a single, specialised healthcare service? One that is able to search through the different positions, selecting those jobs that are most suited and even arrange an interview on your behalf? This is where we can help.

Mental Health Jobs For Qualified Nurses

Here at Willing Care, we have been working as recruiters for the healthcare industry for over 20 years now – our service is to match our database of clients with talented candidates who are dedicated to making a difference to the care of their patients.

We do not believe in simply matching up our clients and candidates 'for the sake of it' – we take the time to understand everyone's requirements in order to find the best solution to suit both parties.Interested? Read on to learn more about our mental health jobs.

RMN Jobs – What You Need

As an RMN, we will help you to find a position that involves the care of residents who have mental or psychological nursing needs. The settings of an RMN position can vary; within either a private hospital or a care home service, which may also involve assignments to low, medium or high secure units.

You should have experience in Neurological or Brain injury care, have a good understanding of the Mental Health Act (1983) and are happy to work with residents who display a range of challenging behaviours (and have complex care needs). Like all mental health jobs, you will need to be sympathetic and non-judgmental, as well as the aptitude to gain a patient's trust to manage emotional situations.

How Our Nursing Recruitment Service Works

With the nursing profession being extremely personable, we believe that the recruitment process should involve the same qualities too.

The staff here at Willing Care will not claim to be able to find you 'the perfect match' – there are no guarantees in life, after all. What we do promise, however, is that we will consistently offer a personal service that is built on honesty. As we take the time to understand your skills, experience and requirements, we are able to find mental health jobs that are better suited to you. It is this honest approach to our service that helps to produce better results – it creates a sense of cooperation and trust between us, our clients and our candidates.

All you need to do is register your details with us and we'll get in contact with you as soon as possible to find out precisely, what you're looking for from your next employer. We will then compile this information before interpreting it, entering it on our database before running searches against the criteria offered by our clients, and promoting you to them.We keep you updated regularly and once we do get a successful match, we will arrange an interview for you with the client at a time that suits you.

If you need any support for your interview, we will be on hand to help – and if you do receive a nursing job offer, we will not walk away and leave you to it, our support is there for as long as you need it.

So why not register your details with us or get in touch with us to learn more?

Need To Learn More About Our Mental Health Nurse Jobs? Get In Touch!

If you have any further questions about any aspect of our mental health jobs service, we would be pleased to speak with you. You can call our friendly candidate support team on 01183 800722 or send any enquiries you may have by e-mail through our contact page.